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About Vainilla

Vainilla Wen is a world traveler, fearless adventurer, crazy dreamer, author, photographer, and linguist.

Born in 1989 in a remote conservative Southern village in China, she started traveling around the world when she was 20. During her journeys, she developed a great passion for photography, especially in adventurous destinations, non-touristic areas, remote places. She embraces the uncertainty and surprises of the journey.

After intensively traveled around the world in the recent 8 years, she published her first book PAPA TRAMP based on her true travel, adventure, and love story.

She took it as her mission to inspire more people to go traveling, realize their dreams and bring more good influence to the world by telling her own experience.

Here are some fun facts about Vainilla:



  • Traveled in 40+ counties, mostly alone. Each country she tries to stay about 1 month to explore the country well.

  • Wrote a heartfelt book based on her true travel and love story with Dmitry Sivenkov. More detail in "My Books" section.

  • Volcanoaholic: She climbed many volcanoes in the world, once went inside the crater of Kawa Ijen, Indonesia, alone and at midnight. 

  • Hiked Annapurna Circuit for 16 days with camping equipment. Heavenly beautiful to wake up surrounded by these mountains, but damn, it was heavy, she lot 3kg.

  • Shaved her hair totally in 2012, and hasn't had a single cut since then, and now the hair has reached the knee. She wants to keep the hair until it touches the ground then shave it to 0 again& donate it :P

  • Expert in taking self-portraits. Most pictures of herself, she took them.

  • Camped in a graveyard alone by accident in Vietnam.

  • Quit her well paid job as a Spanish interpreter & business manager in Costa Rica, to follow her dream to inspire more people to travel, teach them how and make the world a better place.



If you like it, get it.

If you don't like it, change it.

If you can't change it, accept it.

If you have a dream, catch it!

Always follow your heart...

                              ​---Vainilla Wen


My Footsteps Around The World



Papa Tramp


“A cinematic fantastic true story about a world traveler’s dream, love, struggle, and mysterious death.”


Dmitry Sivenkov, in his 30’s Crisis, gave up his successful life in Moscow to chase his 10 year-dream of traveling around the world by hitchhiking and Couchsurfing. He met a young Chinese girl, Xiaowen, who fell in love with him at first sight, then both were crazily in love. Along with their extraordinary journey hitchhiking across Russia, Kazakhstan, China, and Southeast Asia, the two adventurous souls’ love was facing huge obstacles and difficulties, yet eventually moved to Chile, living a life they had dreamt of.

      On November 7th, 2012, Dmitry went on an expedition on the Villarica Volcano, together with their Couchsurfers Gillhem Bellon and Luca Ogliengo. Without anticipating a catastrophic snowstorm would hit the volcano that night and the three of them disappeared. After intensively searching for many years, nothing was ever found until today.

      By telling Dmitry and Xiaowen’s epic love stories, nerve-striving adventures around the world, struggles of responsibilities and dreams, also unveiling some facts about the mysterious disappearance of the three missing men on the Villarica Volcano, the book Papa Tramp inspires readers to reflect on travel, love, life, dreams, darkness, and death.

What's Up with Her?

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