“A cinematic fantastic true story about a world traveler’s dream, love, struggle, and mysterious death.”


Dmitry Sivenkov, in his 30’s Crisis, gave up his successful life in Moscow to chase his 10 year-dream of traveling around the world by hitchhiking and Couchsurfing. He met a young Chinese girl, Xiaowen, who fell in love with him at first sight, then both were crazily in love. Along with their extraordinary journey hitchhiking across Russia, Kazakhstan, China, and Southeast Asia, the two adventurous souls’ love was facing huge obstacles and difficulties, yet eventually moved to Chile, living a life they had dreamt of.

      On November 7th, 2012, Dmitry went on an expedition on the Villarica Volcano, together with their Couchsurfers Guilhem Bellon and Luca Ogliengo. Without anticipating a catastrophic snowstorm would hit the volcano that night and the three of them disappeared. After intensively searching for many years, nothing was ever found until today.

      By telling Dmitry and Xiaowen’s epic love stories, nerve-striving adventures around the world, struggles of responsibilities and dreams, also unveiling some facts about the mysterious disappearance of the three missing men on the Villarica Volcano, the book Papa Tramp inspires readers to reflect on travel, love, life, dreams, darkness, and death.

From the Author: Why I wrote Papa Tramp?

  • To memorize:

To memorize Dmitry Sivenkov—The Papa Tramp, a great traveler, brave dreamer, crazy adventurer, a world citizen who dedicated himself to bringing kindness, happiness and inspiration to the world by telling our love and travel stories. Even though he passed away on a volcano expedition, his spirit remains and deserved to be remembered.

To memorize the man who taught me how to dream, to fly, to love, to be who I am today. To thank him for having changed my world and life.


  • To heal and close:

To help heal the wounded hearts of the ones who suffered from the loss of a loved one in their lives and transform the pain into strength and power to overcome future obstacles in life. Even though they left this world, they will live forever in our hearts.

To close the circle. Dmitry and I started writing a book together. However, his death led me to finish it by myself. The book is also a way to close the chapter of my life with Dmitry.


  • To Inspire:

To inspire people to be brave to chase their dreams, to travel and explore, to bring peace, love, and kindness to other people, which will help to make the world a better place.

This is Dmitry’s mission on earth.


“The book is all that I expected and more, it's hard to believe that this is a true story but it is. You can feel the magical love between the author and her beloved and you are able to go on this journey of whirlwind romance and adventure with them. A truly moving and inspiring story!”


“...It feels like I'm traveling around the world with them and having all crazy adventures! Just finished reading and I'm ready to get my backpack!”


“A travelling journey and a true Love story! Reading this book has been a truly emotional experience. It starts slow but it gradually becomes a page-turner...”


“The book is able to transport you to exotic landscapes crossing the world. It is necessary read the book to feel the passion, the real live ...”


“Her story is one of a kind…”...“A MUST-READ for travelers, adventurers and dreamer! ”


I can’t stop reading… I’m crying for the emotions because of happiness and sadness… Remember what I say: This book will be made into a beautiful movie one day…”

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